Marriage And Family Ministry

The Marriage Enrichment Ministry exists to support Zion Global couples in their marriage, whether they are preparing for marriage, looking to enrich, reconcile, or restore their marriage.

We believe God gives the gift of love with our partner and that we’re called to a lifelong journey of growing to know and love each other more fully. Our sacrament is a living thing seeing that none of us ever stays the same. We are either growing closer or growing apart and we experience both throughout life. We realize that good marriages don’t just happen—they take work! The Marriage Enrichment Ministry provides opportunities for engaged and married couples to reflect on their relationships and experience support within the Zion Global community. By using spiritual principles, this ministry is a catalyst for lasting marriages.

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring Ministry is an intentional ministry of the church whereby engaged and newly married couples are guided and encouraged toward healthy, growing marriage relationships. The Marriage Ministry Team actively enlists and equips select lay couples to minister to both engaged and newly married couples through intentional marriage mentoring relationships that focus on mutual support, growth, encouragement, and enrichment. Ministry objectives include:

  • To provide a support ministry for engaged and newly married couples in developing healthy relational skills and in building spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy in their marriage.
  • To provide ongoing training to equip select couples to serve as marriage mentors to engaged and newly married couples.
  • To provide regular group meeting experiences that focus on support, growth, enrichment, and fellowship for couples participating in the mentoring ministry.

Marriage Fellowship

Enjoy fellowship with other couples on our Couples Fellowship designed just for you.